Orla Frøsnapper / Freddy Frogface


Customer/Partner: SF Film / Crone Film A/S
Target group: 5-10 years olds
Platform: Nintendo DS
Type: Multiplayer board game with race, puzzle etc. mini games
Technology platform: RocketFuel
Status: Game deployed
Top 3 on the sales chart in DK
IP: Based on the 3D CG-movie of the same name

The first digital adaption of the popular Danish children’s book by Ole Lund Kirkegaard.

The book of Freddy Frogface embodies the strong Nordic tradition of storytelling and the game is based on the animated movie adaptation of the book.

Circus is in town and the players have to collect tickets for it. They move around the map (the town) and visit places such as the cake factory, the windmill and the back garden of the smith.

The game has a multitude of mini games, including:

  • Shoot Orla out of the cannon and have him make tricks in the air
  • Race with Sausage the dog through the city
  • Make flower in the windmill
  • Race your snail
  • Frog jump competition
  • Solve jigsaw
  • Pick apples without being caught by Orla
  • Dig up earth worms
  • Find 5 flaws
  • Memory game
  • Hidden object game

Interactive board game that can be played by 1-4 players where AI players take up any remaining positions.