Maersk Training


Customer/Partner: Maersk Training
Target group: Maersk Trainees
Platform: Web browser
Type: Solution
Technology platform: Unity3D / Smart Fox multiuser tech.
Status: Between beta / deployment

Disaster handling is an important aspect to cover when sailing on big carrier ships. Maersk Training deals with training daily – but needs tools to ensure their employees receives a high standard of training all over the world.

The set-up is a multi-player game taking place on a big carrier ship – the user can choose his own role and ranks and will spawn in the place of an otherwise computer controlled character. When the team is set, different types of disasters will happen and the team will have to respond accordingly to save the situation.

The users have the same ranks, assignments and tools/means of communication as in the real world and they will be trained to make their teamwork run smoothly – when a real disaster comes no one must doubt or second guess their actions.

Behind the scenes is a setup that empowers the instructor to oversee the development of the disaster and an evaluation tool will ensure that all significant actions of each single user as well as the team is recorded on a timeline for later evaluation between the instructor and team.

The instructor can then go through each aspect of the development after the game has been played and point out different good/bad situations and actions. A custom made VoIP has ben developed and all communication between the users are also saved and timelined for evaluation purposes.